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D.J. Fluker Giants Jersey

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You may need to remove all the components from a printed circuit board for rework Authentic Glen Rice Jersey , repair, upgrade, salvage or other purposes. But how do you do it in the most efficient way? It’s a simple process if you keep in mind that most printed circuit boards (PCBs) have both active and passive components that are attached to the PCB in one of two ways: surface-mounted or through-hole.

Surface mounted devices (SMDs) are electronic components that are soldered to the PCB surface by their miniscule metallic surface terminals. Common examples of SMDs are passive parts such as resistors are capacitors, or active parts such as ICs.

Through-hole components have leads that are inserted through padded holes and are then soldered to the pads on the bottom side of the PCB. Common examples of through-hole components are resistors Authentic Frank Kaminsky Jersey , capacitors, relays, inductors, transformers and more.

To remove SMDs and through-hole components from a PCB Authentic Dwight Howard Jersey , use the following procedure:


1. Don personnel protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses and gloves.

2. Set the PCB on a work surface that is both horizontal and dry. It is important that the PCB is set on a truly horizontal surface; when the PCB is heated, molten solder will be created and may move to adjacent pads or tracing when set on a non-horizontal surface, which may cause short circuits on the PCB.

Removing SMDs

3. Use a heat gun to remove the SMDs. After turning on the heat gun, position it approximately 15 centimeters above the PCB with its nozzle pointed down. In short order Authentic Dell Curry Jersey , the heat will melt the solder flux of the SMDs that are beneath the nozzle of the heat gun. Quickly remove these components by utilizing a tweezers. Collect them in a tray. Repeat this procedure until all the SMDs are removed from the top side of the PCB.

4. After you have removed all the SMDs, allow the PCB to cool for up to three minutes. Power down the heat gun and properly stow it away in a safe place.

Removing Through-Hole Components

5. Energize a soldering iron and sets its temperature to 450oC. Obtain a 6-inch length of copper desoldering braid.

6. Select a desoldering starting point at the far edge of the board. Then touch the copper braid on top of a pad that as you place the tip of the soldering iron on the solder joint pad. In a matter of seconds, the solder flux should melt and flow into the copper braid. Follow this procedure for all pads.

7. After you have completed desoldering on the pads on the reverse side of the board, flip the PCB over and repeat the process again using both the heat gun and the soldering iron to remove any other components and residual solder.

8. When all SMD and through-hole components are removed Authentic Cody Zeller Jersey , de-energize the soldering iron and properly secure it in a safe location.

Clean Up

9. Inspect the PCB and using swabs doused in alcohol, clean the pads on both sides of the PCB. After you have cleaned the pads, you should have removed all the components from the PCB. What if I do not see a shark? Pecora Hoy
Submitted 2014-02-04 12:30:17 Shark Diving in Cape Town is an encounter that has no match when it comes to thrill as well as adventure. Individuals looking for these kinds of excitement usually find peace in this action. However, you could have some serious questions that you might need to be clarified before you can choose to look into this opportunity. This article addresses some of these main questions of shark cage diving Cape Town.

. Can I buy seasick?
Yes Authentic Brian Roberts Jersey , you might, even if you haven't been seasick just before. Therefore, it is recommended that you get some seasickness remedies offered by the drug store. It is best to start the capsules course an evening before you are slated to depart for that trip. You can even consult your physician to address the concerns better.

. Should I have a diver's qualification?
A diver's certification is required with regard to shark cage diving since it is nicely below the surface area. For crates that are not much below the surface, you would not have to have a qualification. Scuba divers may be permitted to practice about the back outdoor patio before they are able to make the genuine dive.

. Will I get a refund basically do not visit a shark?
It depends which shark cage diving Cape Town company are you taking your journey with. Some offer a half refund while some do not. No company Authentic Alonzo Mourning Jersey , no matter how a lot they charge guarantees that you visit a shark. They will carry out their best in order to entice this, however no one can say for certain what you will be capable of see or not see on the bottom.

. Does this activity have an age group limit?
There's no age limit to taking part in shark diving in Cape Town. You might be surprised to see a 4-year-old child down there. People under the age of Eighteen are only necessary to have a signed consent form from their mothers and fathers or guardians.

. What is the best time to see the sharks?
The truly amazing Whites have nomadic habits. The typical success in being seen these sharks although shark diving Cape Town is from Feb . until March.

. Will the water heat be very cold?
No, it wouldn't be freezing. It would be pretty stable in winter seasons and summer months both.

. What could be the visibility on the bottom?
The water quality is usually quite good that's occasionally disrupted by rough weather. The particular cages are designed in the clearest water achieva. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China

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