But it's far more important to Madden Mobile 18 Coins

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But it's far more important to Madden Mobile 18 Coins

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Matt Jones, Cook and Winslow were capable three-point shooters as well, providing Okafor the necessary floor spacing to operate down low.The Hornets and Celtics also have a surplus of quality wings who can play a Madden Mobile 18 Coins variety of positions. Nicolas Batum is one of the more versatile wings in the league, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, when healthy, is one of the best wing defenders in the league. Boston has Jae Crowder as its do-it-all defensive maestro, plus that hellacious Bradley-Smart duo and Evan Turner.Again, it'd be nice if these players were good perimeter shooters.

But it's far more important to have strong wing defenders who can keep their men in front of them and limit Okafor's help responsibilities.A non-traditional frontcourt partnerRelated to the above point, having another traditional big that's more comfortable in the paint on both ends of the floor isn't an ideal match for Okafor. The mismatched Okafor-Noel pairing drives this home. The 76ers have been outscored by a whopping 20 points per 100 possessions in the nearly 700 minutes the duo has shared the court,per.

.It's clear why this happens. Offensively, neither player spaces the floor, which clogs up the paint and makes it more difficult for them to play their games. On the other end, Okafor can't guard the perimeter and Noel's rim-protecting talents are wasted if he's chasing players outside.

So playing small, or at least with a shooting power forward who can ably defend, is the way the 76ers should play if they want to get the most out of Okafor.Are the 76ers following these steps?As bad as Okafor and Noel have been together, the issue is accentuated by a dearth of talent across the roster. Ish Smith, T.J.

McConnell and Isaiah Canaan are back-end rotation players at best, but they've all spent time as the starting point guard this year. Nik Stauskas and Hollis Thompson are borderline NBA talents getting big minutes on the FIFA Mobile Coins wing. Robert Covington and Jerami Grant have value, but top out as role players on a really good team.

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