with extra pieces unveiled a similar evening at a reception

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with extra pieces unveiled a similar evening at a reception

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Swarovski celebrates the tenth anniversary of Eye van Herpen's atelier and swarovski outlet uk the debut of your girlfriend Crystal Collection, Iris van Herpen's Designer Edition pertaining to Swarovski, and Haute Couture around Paris, which was presented during her parade, Aeriform, with extra pieces unveiled a similar evening at a reception on the Hôtel d'Évreux.

For the fall winter weather 2017/2018, Van Herpen made a water show influenced by Danish musicians, Involving Music, who performed sound sculptures on swarovski crystal gift uk personalized instruments, enveloped in transparent water keepers, giving surreal creations a new disturbing scenario showing the unmistakable type of Van Herpen that consists of science, digital technology, skill, nature and engineering.

Air and water will be the structural and visual components with the 18 elaborate silhouettes, influencing both tissue development and also garment construction, reflected around volume, rippled motifs and also translucent stratification. Member belonging to the Swarovski Collective since 2015, Lorrie Herpen brings to his / her work unusual craftsmanship, mixing old and ignored techniques with extraordinary innovations and swarovski pendants uk materials inspired by your immediate future. Among these are this crystals: the presentation of their parade included a tulle apparel decorated with couture studs specially developed with the occasion by Swarovski.

At dusk, after the parade, Swarovski organized a sparkling reception with the Hôtel d'Évreux, an 18th-century architectural gem possitioned on Vendome Square in Paris, during which the Eye van Herpen's Designer Copy for Swarovski was launched. The mysteriously futuristic selection includes Growing Crystal, derived from rhomboids and fascinating intricacy rectangles, and 3D Borchie, a few metal studs lined with swarovski wedding gifts crystals at different height, to give 3D surfaces a cutting-edge and dynamic composition. Immediately before, Van Herpen had given you a black clutch during his Aeriform parade, glittering in the light of the Developing Crystals that embellished them.

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