(READ BEFORE POSTING) Grayd00r Forum Posting Rules/Guide

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(READ BEFORE POSTING) Grayd00r Forum Posting Rules/Guide

Postby Bruan » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:30 am

Grayd00r Forum Posting Rules/Guide

Hello and welcome to the Grayd00r community! Please take the time to read this write up of the forum rules and guide to make sure you keep the forums helpful and friendly.

Posting Prerequisites:
  • 1. Search. Please. If you have an issue or an idea for a new topic/thread, search the forums for keywords that might be similar to your problem. There very well might be a thread about what you wanted to post about already! Searching first before posting and then posting in an existing thread on your topic really helps keep the forums clean.
  • 2. Get information! If you are asking for help, we can’t help you without basic information about your device/install. Please check below under the “Providing Information” section for details on what you should provide and how to get that information.
  • 3. Check the Bug Reporter Page on the website. There may already be a bug report posted there! If we need more details we will ask users to make a thread under the Bug Report Board for the bug report submission so more people can see it and contribute to finding a solution. Otherwise, just let it be and let us know you have the same bug in the Bug Reporter Page on the website itself.
  • 4.Make sure you have the latest update, if asking for help. Otherwise, you may be asking for help on an already resolved issue!

Posting Rules:
  • 1. Don’t be mean. There isn’t any reason to be rude or swear. People of all ages and groups visit here. Just be kind and polite to everyone and you will find things are easier all around. :)
  • 2. Don’t post multiple threads or responses (especially in different boards) to try and get a faster/different answer. It won’t work, it will only make us rather cross with you. We reply when we can to everyone. Posting more won’t get you help any faster, as we would see all the posts at the same time as we would have replied to just one thread.
  • 3. Post in the relevant board/threads. If you have a problem with installation, the thread should not go into the “Feature Suggestions” board.
  • 4. Use relevant keywords in your title to help differentiate threads/issues. Just using thread titles like “Help!”, “Grayd00r Doesn’t work”, “Grayd00r doesn’t install/update”, “Bug in Control Center”, “Issue with theming” and so on do not help differentiate the issues. Thread titles like “Grayd00r Doesn’t Install - Error Moving Resources”, “Issue with Theming - Icon sizes are wrong”, or “Control center doesn’t load toggles” are much more helpful and also help users find topics more relevant to their issues.
  • 5. Edit your previous posts for new information instead of posting a new reply if no one has posted after you, unless it is days later. That way we don’t get threads with half a page full of just one person posting. (Unless it is specifically separate posts, for a reason. Something like separate steps on a for setup/installation or something similar.)

Gathering Information Before Posting:
Before you post on the forums, it is very likely we would need certain information from you regardless of the post content, no matter how irrelevant it seems.
Pretty much every time you ask for help we will ask you for all of this information anyway, even though it may not seem relevant to you.
If you tell us this right away, it saves us both time, because then you don’t have to wait for a reply only for us to point you to this thread on what sort of information to provide before we can help you, then wait for you to reply, you wait for a reply again, and then us start helping.

Please provide all the information requested below, when possible. That saves a lot of back and forth finding this information out bit by bit.

If you are asking for help, or wanting to provide a tutorial for a device or something similar like that which applies to specific devices/setups, then please provide this information along with your post.
  • Device Type - we need this so we know what device we are trying to help you with!

    Device iOS Version - some things work differently on different firmwares. Telling us your firmware in your post helps us to give you the relevant information for your iOS version.

    Grayd00r Update Group - telling us this lets us know what software you are running. If we don’t know this, our help to you won’t be as accurate as it could be.

    Grayd00r version installed - If you provide this, it lets us know if we need to provide an answer for an older Grayd00r version or not.

    Clean restore or restore from a backup in iTunes - for now, please let us know if when you restored your device in iTunes to install Grayd00r, if you set it up as a new device or restored from a backup. Just so we can start seeing if issues correlate with having restored from a backup.

    Modifications installed on the device - If your device isn’t running pure stock Grayd00r and has other mods/tweaks/packages installed from Cydia or elsewhere, please tell us what they are! Otherwise we could be spending ages trying to help solve something that isn’t actually a result of stock Grayd00r, and thus can’t be fixed without knowing what modifications have been installed.

    Settings configured - no easy way to pull this in bulk at the moment for troubleshooting purposes, but it will be put in eventually. For now, if you are posting for help with an issue, please provide the configuration you have setup relevant to anything to do with the issue. (For example, if you had an issue with the App Switcher, you would tell us that you had “Override Switcher” disabled, “Blur App” enabled and “Round Corners” enabled.)

    Steps to reproduce - If you can reproduce the bug, or know how it happened and when, that really helps us if you tell us that!
(READ BEFORE POSTING) Grayd00r Forum Posting Rules/Guide

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