The NMD Revolution Comes to Sivasdescalzo!

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The NMD Revolution Comes to Sivasdescalzo!

Postby vanesmith20 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:44 pm

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Brain hole open the conversion we met a lot, but today this, you must have seen! Beautiful Pantofola d goedkope nike air max 2017 \u0026 rsquo; Oro football shoes with Sugru stereotypes glue, let your shoes become strange! Do you know this magical thing Sugru? A plastic strong plastic, looks like a child of rubber mud, you can repair a lot of things, after the stereotypes as part of the same as the strong, by the Irish designer Jenny \u0026 middot; Duo Er Yi Yi Di invention. No matter who is the change who is doing, we can only say that the hole is very big nuts Soccerbible refers to Sugru's sticky like 502, which can stick to any surface. 24 hours after the same as waterproof rubber, to the football shoes to provide a higher friction and ball control! higher! Xiao Bian originally thought it was a joke! Is not true, only tried to know, who sea Amoy tube Sugru back try? Yes, this is not advertising!

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