Dazenelevator Passenger Elevator Company Residential Elevator Manufacturer

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Dazenelevator Passenger Elevator Company Residential Elevator Manufacturer

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Dazenelevator Passenger Elevator Company, A-level manufacturing, international brands, easy up and down, safe and secure.
When the power failure or failure, the elevator stuck in the middle floor, the passengers only need to use two fingers long press self-help button, the elevator will automatically run to the adjacent floor, the door automatically open to passengers off difficulties, to avoid accidents.
Elevator in the election area, to ensure that passengers out of the elevator safety, no accidental operation of the elevator wounding.
210 trillion CPU processor response speed to milliseconds, time to detect the elevator running state, to protect the safety of passengers.
At the moment of operation, the elevator is safe and, once in a very safe state, stops at the nearby floor and prompts the passengers to evacuate to ensure the safety of the passengers.
A good service experience is our commitment to our customers. Positive and negative ion group sterilization device, so that the air inside the elevator more clean and fresh. 24 hours or less fast response, the first time to solve your confusion. Welcome to contact us Residential Elevator Manufacturer +86-512-67604536.

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